Technological Partners

The technological partner is typically an ICT company, as well as automation businesses or equipment manufacturers. They are the true protagonists of what is Industry 4.0 corporate digital transformation, and their technology assets offers are increasingly more complex as customers become more and more demanding. The latter’s expectations do not stop at speed and precision, they now want synchronization and coordination of all components that define the offer itself, such as: equipment, software, financing and guarantee of legislative coherence and access to subsidies and tax reliefs. NovaFund and the network possess all transversal competences properly aligning all various components of said offer.

Our services

NovaFund shadows technological partner to align specialized technical skills with those of corporate finance.

It provides advisory technical and informational support and offers products/services which include strong tax reliefs.

Our Services geared toward technological partners:

Hyper depreciation

NovaFund, offers continuous support in identifying eligible assets via a pre-feasibility assessment. NovaFund determines which assets may better adhere to Hyper-depreciation parameters, prepares a technical appraisal to obtain the benefit and lastly it draws up the final technical report.

Subsidised financing

NovaFund offers the opportunity to obtain subsidised financing as well as revolving funds.

Tax Breaks

NovaFund supports partners in order to obtain deals to reduce corporate tax burden. Tax relief and tax credit.

Intangible asset Management (Patent box)

NovaFund supports partners in the identification and enhancement of intangible assets, in the subsidy calculation and during the Ruling process (Revenue Agency).

Care to know more?

Why should a technological partner interact with NovaFund?

With NovaFund support, technological partners will be able to offer their customers a set of products/services even more competitive and attractive as they include great tax reliefs.

The advantages are:

  • Greater customer satisfaction and client loyalty
  • Greater competitive edge
  • greater economic return
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