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Innovation & Finance the new revolution for future-oriented businesses!

Technological and financial tools no longer travel on parallel tracks, though converging when there is a real need for investment. Ahead of its time NovaFund is the first to provide a simple solution to deal with swift changes.

In order to achieve its objectives, Novafund relies on the expertise of the seven Link Innovation Network’ Specialized Business Areas, this renders it capable to develop business in a reliable way through experience, technology expertise and network structure, the latter able to stimulate the know-how, resources and methodologies transfer.


With the National Industry Plan 4.0, the government strengthens incentives to support Italian companies who want to upgrade their production fleet and who choose to take on organizational and technological changes in order to increase their organizational efficiency and their competitiveness.

NovaFund identifies the best strategies to accelerate business innovation processes, to manage and organize data to increase business processes value from a 4.0 standpoint.


There is an additional piece to the National Industry 4.0 plan puzzle. It was introduced by MISE in a publication stating that investments in medical goods fall within the scope of hyper-depreciation.

NovaFund supports healthcare companies interested in digital transformation technological investments, identifying innovative investments subsidies and incentives.

Please contact the Healthcare Division of NovaFund!


NovaFund handles all phases of the regional, State and European research and innovation project grants acquisition.

Many NovaFund collaborators are R&D project evaluators accredited at a European, National and Regional level.


The area is responsible for the management of research, innovation and technology transfer projects. It gives full support to al companies who want to invest in research and experimental development activities. The research project contracts are both outsourced by private companies as well as researches funded directly by Regional, State and EU entities.


NovaFund created the Innovation Management System: a methodology for planning, designing and implementing innovation management systems.

Innovation is a constant and measurable process which generates competitive ideas and concepts ensuring increased competitiveness and business development.

IMS distinguishes itself due to its co-creation between NovaFund and the company’s top management of a flexible innovation management system, which aligns the company’s strategy and culture with the development of new projects.

The objective is to evaluate the company’s innovative components decide what investments are needed to achieve the set growth targets.


NovaFund protects and enhances the intellectual property, know-how and innovative processes.

It provides consulting services to identify the company’s intangible assets (patents, registered designs, know-how, software, unpatented inventions) that can generate competitive advantages and revenues. It also assists companies in accessing the Patent Box incentive, which provides a 50% income tax deduction on intellectual assets.


NovaFund identifies, evaluates and mitigates the cyber risks. To do this, NovaFund has developed the “CYBERMATE” methodology: an integrated cyber defense program that combines the most advanced information technologies with organizational structure assessment and regulatory compliance services.

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There is strength in numbers when developing and sharing ideas, innovations and technological solutions without losing your individuality and autonomy.
By joining NovaFund’s ecosystem and its innovative approach, you will generate new business!

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