Financial intermediaries

Corporate world has changed and with it financing requirements.
One must go beyond the traditional financial solutions and offer ad-hoc advisory services, personalized assistance accommodating customers’ innovation needs. NovaFund has what it takes to match this demand.

We provide the most advanced financial technological expertise. Financial intermediaries can increase their profits by outshining the market.


NovaFund offers continuous technological shadowing to widen funding opportunities to customers..

NovaFund provides technical and operational support throughout the process – from investment project evaluation to the benefit.

 Our services to financial intermediaries:

Hyper depreciation

NovaFund, offers continuous support in identifying eligible assets via a pre-feasibility assessment. NovaFund determines which assets may better adhere to Hyper-depreciation parameters, prepares a technical appraisal to obtain the benefit and lastly it draws up the final technical report.

Innovative companies Due diligence

Our due diligence service verifies the corporate technological innovation degree. The purpose of due diligence is to ascertain whether there are critical issues affecting the outcome of a negotiation.

Intangible asset management (Patent box)

NovaFund supports partners in the identification and enhancement of intangible assets, in the subsidy calculation and during the Ruling process (Revenue Agency).

Care to know more?

Why should financial intermediaries work with NovaFund?

With NovaFund top technological competences, the financial intermediary will offer the most innovative financial services..

The advantages are:

  • Offer specialized and personalize services
  • Offer new, more profitable services
  • Improve corporate image
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