Credit intermediaries

The credit intermediary is the loan acquisition liaison between banks or financial intermediaries and businesses. In an ever so moving market, it is indispensable to incorporate into the traditional credit services an added value: innovation.

NovaFund provides qualified technological and operational support all through the process, from project evaluation to subsidy, improving customer relation and rendering it undoubtedly more profitable.


NovaFund ensures technical assistance from the very start, and offers the intermediary a product designed and created ad-hoc.

Our services to credit intermediaries:

Hyper depreciation

NovaFund, offers continuous support in identifying eligible assets via a pre-feasibility assessment. NovaFund determines which assets may better adhere to Hyper-depreciation parameters, prepares a technical appraisal to obtain the benefit and lastly it draws up the final technical report.

Innovative businesses due diligence

Our due diligence collects and verifies all accounting and tax information required to assess the activities of an innovative company.
The purpose of due diligence is to ascertain the presence of critical elements that could compromise a successful negotiation.

Intangible asset Management (Patent box)

NovaFund supports partners in the identification and enhancement of intangible assets, in the subsidy calculation and during the Ruling process (Revenue Agency).

Care to know more?

Why should credit intermediaries work with NovaFund?

Con il supporto di NovaFund, l’intermediario del credito può ampliare il suo pacchetto con servizi altamente qualificati diversificando il ventaglio di soluzioni finanziarie per i suoi clienti.

The advantages are:

  • Improve competitive edge
  • Maximize earnings by optimizing time and effort
  • Improve its corporate image
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