Banks, to hold on to their competitive edte in a rapidly changing world, must expand beyond the standard financial products: executives, increasingly more and more informed, require advisory services and additional personal assistance, proportional to the innovation technological demands of their business.

Thus, banks must incorporate technological innovation to their distribution models and in their production. NovaFund is the ideal partner to meet this new requirement. It provides the best innovation and technological support to the corporate banking institutions.


NovaFund offers banks a complete and tailored service, such as technological shadowing aimed to broaden funding opportunities for their customers.

NovaFund provides technical and operational support in managing the entire bank/customer relationship, from corporate project appraisals to subsidy.

Our proposals:

Hyper depreciation

NovaFund, offers continuous support in identifying eligible goods via a pre-feasibility assessment. NovaFund determines which assets may better adhere to Hyper-depreciation parameters, prepares a technical appraisal to obtain the benefit and, lastly it draws up the final technical report.

Innovative companies Due diligence

Our due diligence service verifies the corporate technological innovation degree. The purpose of due diligence is to ascertain whether there are critical issues affecting the outcome of a negotiation.

Intangible asset management (Patent box)

NovaFund supports partners in the identification and enhancement of intangible assets, in the subsidy calculation and during the Ruling process (Revenue Agency).

Care to know more?

Why should a bank work together with NovaFund?

Novafund offers the best technological competences.. The bank can thus provide its customers services in line with arising innovative opportunities.

The advantages are as follows:

  • New specialized services
  • New, more profitable services
  • Improve bank’s image
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