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NovaFund Spa is the specialist of Innovation & Finance. Represents the connection between technological competence at the leading edge and the world of corporate finance.

In “corporate” investments, financial and technological aspects know-how differentiates qualified financial agents from the rest. An example is “Industry 4.0“.

Banks, financial and credit intermediaries, as NovaFund’s business partners, may avail themselves of the expertise and the technological support of NovaFund.

NovaFund supports his business partners throughout all the phases of their relationship with customers, via technical – commercial shadowing, training, advanced technological tools and integrated communication.


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Our Ecosystem

NovaFund is head of a Global Innovation ecosystem in which all actors involved interact among themselves developing synergy, with an innovative approach, to generate new business.

Within this ecosystem, NovaFund is the liaison between innovation specialists and corporate finance agents. New developmental opportunities arise from blending technical, technological and financial skills. This is NovaFund’s winning hand!


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Our Network: Link Innovation

LINK INNOVATION is a business network created in 2000, officially established pursuant to the decree no. 78/2010 of article 42, modified by law no. 122 of July 30, 2010.

Link Innovation makes innovation simple and rewarding.

LINK INNOVATION is a dynamic “open framework” network, as it encompasses the progressive involvement of new partners and associates and a recurrent reshaping of strategies and operating systems.

Nonetheless, LINK INNOVATION possesses a structured organization, governed by the most advanced managerial techniques as well as development and operative strategies, structured and regularly updated by governing authorities.



NovaFund Spa, Innovation & Finance specialist.

The only Italian institution able to offer, to the corporate finance world, a wide range of state of the art technological competences.


R.Q. S.r.l., specialista italiano dell’Innovation Management, utilizza la metodologia proprietaria denominata “Research Qualification” per accelerare i processi innovativi aziendali. L’azienda è inoltre specializzata nel trasferimento tecnologico per il quale è accreditata all’albo “Questio” della regione Lombardia e nell’accesso a finanziamenti a fondo perduto per la ricerca e l’innovazione.


IBN, Innovation Broker Network, rete di professionisti specializzati nel brokeraggio dell’innovazione, organizzata e gestita da Link S.r.l..

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Technetic Italia Srl specializes in the development of intangible assets, by integrating technological, financial, fiscal and legal skills.


Sync Security guarantees the computer security of the entire organization of the client company using a systemic and continuous approach and synchronizing the necessary operations in the legal, compliance, IT, organizational, infrastructural and technological fields.


Agorà S.r.l. realizza per i propri clienti avanzati sistemi di marketing e vendita basati sulle tecnologie che internet offre ad ogni tipo di azienda: dai motori di ricerca, al Web 2.0, al Web Marketing a 360°, ad avanzati CRM per gestire le attività commerciali e di relazione col cliente.

Business Partners network

NovaFund Business Partners can access a highly qualified service, custom-built according to their category.

Our Business Partner Network is comprised of banks, financial intermediaries, credit intermediaries, technology partners, experts.


NovaFund’s network Associates constantly look to technological and financial innovation.

How to Become NovaFund Partner?

There is strength in numbers when developing and sharing ideas, innovations and technological solutions without losing your individuality and autonomy. By joining NovaFund’s ecosystem and its innovative approach, you will generate new business!

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